Gallifrey Stands

Gallifrey Stands Presents - Doctor Who: The Unsaved Planet

December 19, 2017

Gallifrey Stands presents an original Audio drama with a full cast for a great cause...

After traveling together for 2 years, to celebrate the Doctor reluctantly takes Orla back to the first planet they visited together, joined by their friends Sandy & Ainley.
When they return the new president tells them all is well on the planet, but to be careful of the war mongering rebels in the west who seek an end to the peace. But when Orla gets captured by the rebels both she & the Doctor soon find out there is more going on beyond what they can see.
Are the rebels the true enemy? Is new president Wash all she seems? Why is the Doctor so reluctant to return? And has the first planet Orla visited with the Doctor been unsaved?
This play is recorded in support of LGBT charity Stonewall. Please give whatever you can at

Doctor: Doctor Squee

Orla: Michelle Sewell

Ainley: Adam Manning

Sandy: Sandy Shakespeare

President So’Mar: Tom Dangerfield

President Wash: Joy Johns

Ma’Tez: Sarah Whitehouse

Dottie: Dottie Who

Lewis: Lewis Mainwaring

Huey Green: Ben Gummery

TV Announcer: Ian McElhinney

Kevin Smith: Himself

Ralph Garman: Himself

Patricia Quinn: Herself

Tye: Jeremy Raddick

Da’Bow: Simon ‘Spindles’ Potthast

Ba’Fes: Brendan Gylee

Market Vendor: Bethany Black

Market Traders: David Ladkin, Richard Charlebois

Kendra: Nicky Shakespeare

Phone in Callers: Johnny Rock, Mark Baumgarten, Paul Gee

Ye’Jee: Yee Jee Tso

Announcer: Will Wilkins

Interrogation Guard: Stuart Shaw

Ollac Security Officer: Nick Johns, Rafael Nowak, Johnny Whitetrash & Matt Rose

Ollac Crowd: Niamh Sewell, Richard Charlebois & Christian Basel

With special introductions by Matt Lucas, Katy Manning & Elliot Chapman

It was Written, Edited & Directed by Doctor Squee

Special Effects were by Mike Mann at Monkey Basement productions

Music was by Matt Lees Music

The Doctor Who Theme Tune was written by Ron Grainer & performed by Ash Tarrent.

Artwork by Dave Ladkin at Vortex Visuals

The play was recorded at Untapped Talent studios Southampton

Doctor Who: The Unsaved Planet was a Gallifrey Stands production recorded in support of Stonewall UK.

The Doctor & Orla will return next Christmas For Doctor Who: The Dark Times