Gallifrey Stands -Ep46- Alhambra Podcast Crossover AKA My Vision is Impaired

March 10, 2015

Liam & Brett from fellow Doctor Who podcast, the Alhambra podcast, crash their type 80 battle Tardis into the virtual console room to be this weeks guest companions. I hope they didn't scratch the paint work!

We talk about how their podcast see's the world from an audio perspective and the challenge of listening to tv episodes of Doctor Who with no visuals. Liam is blind and he gets Brett to watch episodes without the visuals and they then talk about how they hold up.

We also get into the many ranges of Big Finish and was it Mel who poisoned the 6th Doctor with carrot juice?

Part 1 of 2 continued on the Alhambra podcast. You can find Alhambra, on itunes, on twitter @AlhambraPodcast, @djNezumi& @Mavic_Chen

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