Gallifrey Stands

Gallifrey Stands - Ep245 - The Best of Squeefest -Part 3- Better Half / Talking Codswallop / Blain Garrison

February 8, 2019

With more highlights from Squeefest, the 24 hour Podcast in support of Dogs for Good, we have some relationship advice in Better Half phone in show (a return to Squee's first podcast he ever did) featuring celebrities Ross Mullan (Doctor Who, Game of Thrones) & John Guilor (Doctor Who, Big Finish) with hosts Squee, Nicola and Michelle. Squee and Nicola do a quiz on how well they know each other in Talking Codswallop. Finally Blain Garrison comes on in the wee hours of the 24hr marathon to encourage Squee to keep going! All this and WhoNews with Paul Gee & Round Up Reviews with Ben Gummery.

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