Gallifrey Stands - Ep19 - Big Finish, Big 15 with Big Paul

September 3, 2014

Unthusiam Paul sits Squee and Dottie down and tells us about his favorate 15 Big Finish audios to celebrate the 15th anniversary of their Doctor Who audios. We also review Into the Dalek and Paul takes on the Doctor Who quiz. Pauls list is:

15. Cobwebs 14. Protect and Survive 13. Memory Lane 12. The Jigsaw War 11. The Foe From The Future 10. The First Sontarans 9. The Scorchies 8. Mastermind 7. The Condemnes 6. Colditz 5. Davros 4. Human Resources 3. Return of the Rocket Men 2. Solitaire 1. A Death in the Family