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Gallifrey Stands -Ep183- Coventry Comic Con: Comic book & Cosplay panels

October 16, 2017

At Coventry Comic Con Squee hosts the Artist & Cosplay panels.

In the Artist Panels Squee is joined by Simon Myers (Titan Comic Doctor Who range) Gary Whitlock (The Beno), Ian Richardson (2000AD, Hallo) & Steve Tanner (Timebomb Comics). As well as talking about their own works we talk styles of art and advice for upcoming writers and artist who want to make it in comics. Squee even gets to talk briefly about his first comic short coming out March 2018.

For the Cosplay panel Squee is joined by noted UK cosplayers Tiny Tigress, Caramel Latte Kiss & UK Negan. They and member of the audience tell their stories of cosplaying, what its meant to them and putting together their outfits. We get to talk to a 9th Doctor cosplay who compares notes with Squee about how the 9th & 11th Doctors make great first cosplays as they are a little easier to do than some other outfits.

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