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Ep239.5a: Gallifrey Stands Presents: Doctor Who & the Great Time Anchor

December 24, 2018

Gallifrey Stands Presents:

Doctor Who & The Great Time Anchor

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The Doctor & his friends land back on his home, Gallifrey, on Anchor Day. A great celebration of when Gallifrey was first anchored in time to the vortex. One Timelord sits in the Anchor and can see all time on Gallifrey. But trouble starts when the Master gains control of the device. Only the Doctor can stop him by sitting in the Anchor himself. The problem is sitting in it is a one way trip. Can the Doctor and his friends save the day and come out alive or will the Master gain control of the universe? One things for sure, with steam trains, Raston Warriors and different versions of the Doctor involved, it’s going to get more confusing before this is all done!

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Doctor Who and the Great Time Anchor stars:

Doctor Squee as the Doctor

Michelle Sewell as Orla

Sandy Shakespeare as Sandy

Dottie Who as Dottie with additional barks my Murphy

Tom Dangerfield as the Master

Fiona Angwin as President Marek

Kevin Hudson as Castellan Claster

Johns Draper as the Dignitary

Peter Purves as Stamet

Brian Coombes as Gallifreyan Security and the Herrold

Alan Galpin as the Gallifreyan Guard

Blain Garrison as Garmon

Helen Goldwyn as Security

Noel Criton as President Sarek

Christopher Ryan as the Masters Mercenary


Written, Directed and Edited by Doctor Squee

Original music was by Matt Lees Music

The Doctor Who theme tune written by Ron Grainer and Arranged by Matt Lees

Sound effects by Monkey Basement Productions and Doctor Squee

Credits by Indie Mac User (Ben Gummery)

Special thanks to Nicola Gossling

Doctor Who and the Great Time Anchor was a Gallifrey Stands Production in association with #KryptonRadio.

The Doctor, Orla and Sandy will return next Christmas in Doctor Who: Gone but Not Forgotten

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