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Gallifrey Stands -Ep172- Remembering Deborah Watling / Cops & Monsters Series 1 round up

July 25, 2017

We remember Deborah ‘Victoria’ Watling in ‘The Whovian Round-Up’ with Lewis & replay our interview with her from last year at Bournmouth Comic-con, Ben remembers Trevor Baxter and his work for Big Finish in ‘Round-Up Reviews’ and then we are joined by this weeks guests, Fraser Coull and Séamus ‘Jamie’ Gallagher from ‘Cops and Monsters’ who share their views on the reactions to the casting of the first female Doctor and the latest from ‘Cops & Monsters’ as it comes towards the end of Series 1. Please go to to help fund the post production on the last episode of Cops & Monsters series 1.

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