Gallifrey Stands

Doctor Who: Death at Christmas

December 21, 2016

Gallifrey Stands Presents: Doctor Who: Death at Christmas

As the Doctor & Orla head to Earth for her Dad's funeral & they reminisce on how they met. The Doctor had regenerated & crashed into Orla's life. The new health minister unveiled a cure for Orla's Dad's cancer. But is this cure too good to be true? Is the Doctors oldest enemy manipulating it all from behind the scenes? If so can the Doctor pull it together after the change to stop him?

Death at Christmas is recorded in support of Pancreatic Cancer UK. Please give whatever you can afford at


Doctor Squee as the Doctor (

Michelle Sewell as Orla (

Adam Manning as Roger Ainley (

Tom Dangerfield as The Master (

Sophie Aldred as the Psychiatric Nurse (

Sandy Shakespeare as Sandy

Julian Seager as Sid (

Kenton Hall as Shane (

Andrew Chalmers as the Dark Journey Doctor (

Jon Davey as Chris (

Rafael Nowak as Raf (

Ben Gummery as Huey Green (

Lewis Mainwaring as Lewis Welsh

Nicky Shakespeare as the Police Officer

And introducing Dottie Who as Dottie

Also featuring the voices of Kevin Smith & Andrew McElfresh (, M.A Tamburro, Matthew Dale (, Fraser Coull ( and Stuart Shaw with additional voices by the cast.

Written and directed by Doctor Squee

Sound effects by Monkey Basement productions (

Music by Dan Parkinson at Wooden Heart Recording studios (

Death at Christmas was recorded at Untapped Talent recording studios (

The artwork is by Dave Ladkin at Vortex Visuals (

Death at Christmas is a Gallifrey Stands production in association with AM Audio Media

The Doctor & Orla will return next Christmas.